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Sevgili Forte Ekibi,

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Tekrar teşekkürler sizlere ve tüm ekibinize,

Fulya Tokat

On behalf of Aspen, I would like to share a big thank you for organizing and managing such a wonderful event in Baku!

We received countless of positive feedback on the organization, facilities, activities, production and overall logistics. Your 24/7 support and flexibility were key during the event, as much as your energy, attention to detail, professionalism and can-do attitude.

Once again, thank you for your tremendous work that made our cycle meeting 2019 a success!

Looking forward to many more successful events and projects together.

Aspen Middle East

I would like to thank you for the high level of professionalism in
arranging Pfizer GLE summit and for your outstanding hospitality to our



Thank you so much for organizing everything so well at and around INFORM.
Country colleagues and customers’ initial feedbacks have been excellent!

Sorry, that I had to leave right after the meeting ended, but I am sure that everything was in good hands even after my departure! In general, I highly appreciated the level of professionalism of FORTE throughout the event!

Have a great weekend now!



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Our vision is shaping the future of events through sustainable strategic management while building strong reliable relations with the clients.

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respect for people in forte

Developing respect and a team spirit in the workplace and containing and leveraging the multicultural essence of the customers and providing equal opportunities to talented individuals is the main objective of Forte Tourism. Forte Tourism employees develop positive business relationships with the stakeholders by putting the needs of clients first and continuously providing an outstanding level of service. forte core values 1:6

forte integrity

Every Forte team member has been trained and committed to deliver the highest standards of integrity by building productive and longstanding relationships by being truthful and promoting open communication in all of their actions, forte core values 2:6


Continuously seeking higher levels of performance and exhibiting a strong will to win in every aspect of the business, forte core values 3:6


We as the Forte team, work collaboratively with professional altitude, across boundaries to meet the needs and inspire our customers, forte core values 4:6


Continuous improvement and developing ourselves in every sense is a must for all of us. Forte core values 5:6


Change management is the blood in our veins. Forte core values 6:6