what we do

Our strategic meeting management program FIII,  for corporate companies allows for better business intelligence through easy, consistent & standard analysis of meetings data from the beginning to the end of the event.

Using Our strategic meeting management program FIII, allows us to respond and reply faster to our client, which benefits both us and the client with a more effective and transparent reporting and helps us all to conform with company/industry compliance.

Delegate management – Online Registration – Attendance Report – Comprehensive project reporting – Detailed administrative module & invoice reconciliation.

With Our strategic meeting management program FIII, a greater understanding of your meeting data costs, volume, and attendance due to increasing transparency is obtained.

Our strategic meeting management program FIII, a supplier sourcing tool is a strategic companywide program that gathers the know-how and the experience more than 17 years from all around the world and it provides its customers a good price versus quality ratio.

Our strategic meeting management program FIII, allows our team to better understand and track our preferred vendors, and
reduces duplication of effort & negotiation time by using standardised contracts.

Being a reliable customer, provides us with increased vendor concessions due to leveraged purchasing power

Our strategic meeting management program FIII, allows our team to capture spend, increase cost savings, manage suppliers, standardize procurement procedures, and improve meetings’ consistency/quality through consolidating meeting management to our meeting planning teams or outsourced vendors.

A meeting with our strategic meeting management program FIII, increases efficiency and productivity through standard operating procedures and technology automation, resulting in more and more successful meetings for all parties involved.

2019 stats

813 congress with 5146 participants
2736 meeting with 54035 participants
42 summit with 3059 participants

2018 statss

373 congress with 3473 participants
1124 meeting with 27332 participants
23 summit with 2461 participants

currently employing 75 full time project directors and experts. efficiently well structured to instantly share knowledge throughout the organization and prioritizing adaptive organizational learning.