Our Focus


Forte Tourism’s focus have been always people. In every level of our business; integrity and respect are our main drivers towards stakeholders, including delegates, clients, suppliers and our own people.

Safe Engagement

In course of our business, re-shaping the way of engagement is inevitable. Considering and adapting new-normal on social interactions will define how Forte Tourism to add innovation and manage the on-going change. Our top priority is health and safety of stakeholders, our focus is people.

Duty of Care

We believe; even in environments with well defined roles & responsibilities; there is a room for duty of care. If we see something, we encourage our people to say something. Collectively and inclusively; Forte believes in the strength of human resources. Encouraging for full spectrum thinking around covid-19 will helps us to elevate our approach on event planning.

Government’s Approach

Governments throughout the world is taking different measures for preventing spread of infections within the public. While some of them easing restrictions stage by stage, some have not taken any. Forte Tourism is committed to share best practice to asses the risks and prevent unlikely events by adhering local laws and regulations.

WHO Guidelines

World Health Organization is periodically publishing detailed aids and guidelines about Covid-19 and public safety. Following credible sources and authorities; Forte Tourism is aiming to raise awareness and adhere those guidelines during their engagements.

UAE Example

UAE Authorities and Ministry of Health & Prevention is actively monitoring public activity, health and sets rules and regulations around how, when, who and what questions since Day 1. It has been clear process for all and each stakeholder since the beginning of Covid-19 Pandemic in UAE. Many other GCC countries are following UAE’s example.

Pre-Event Planning

Longer Lead Times

We will require a longer time than usual for preparing the event due the healthy and safety searching options. Will not be easy to make a last minutes requests and to make sure we are sourcing the best option since not all the hotels will be having sterilization programs.

Transforming into Digital

Materials have been foundational assets of the meetings & events industry. Informative and introductive materials for attendees.

  • Printed assets to be replaced with digital assets.
  • We will focus in using the hybrid application based solutions
  • Incase of obligation to use conventional materials; all materials will be be packed as sanitized up to hygiene standards

Criteria on Selecting Venues

  • Many international hotel chains have launched guest assuring hygiene policies globally. Please click on images to see their programs online
  • Our key criteria on selecting hotels & venues will focus on their commitment on hygiene, health and safety policies in place; following approved hotels as per our clients policy and procedures
  • Forte planners proactively approach client for any queries or clarifications needed to pass to hotel.

During Event Execution

Check-In & Registration

Forte Planners will make sure that the desk and equipment to be well sanitized and will ensure that attending personnel observing strict hygiene protocols and social distancing rules.

Onsite Planners

  • Forte Tourism planners’ health will be monitored up to recent guidelines before engagements.
  • Training our team planners on enhanced hygiene procedures to prevent infections as we strive to build upon our commitment to safety.
  • With particular attention to high-touch items such as handles, buttons, microphones, keyboards, wireless presenters and markers to be cleaned after each use or keep spare units on demand.
  • Delegates will be advised by our planners to practice social distancing by standing at least 2 meters away from other individuals.
  • Promote hand washing, mask usage and avoid hand shakes.
  • Make sure to have emergency contact details for all participants if its possible by their consent.
  • Keep up to date on the latest information from trusted sources, such as WHO or the local and national health authorities.
Engagement Areas (Common Areas)

  • With the meeting design in mind, room layouts may look different. Incorporating physical distancing and traffic flow will reduce risk and promote health within the meeting environment.
  • Tables and chairs may be spaced to meet best practices and floor decals, and other forms of signage may inform attendees on the best way to move through the space to limit contact.
  • Technology equipment will be sized according to the new space with the addition of virtual components as necessary.

Ensuring Enough Hygiene Tools Are Available On Disposal

Keeping enough supplies of hand gels, masks and gloves on each and every engagement areas.


When it comes to F&B at events, self-service buffets likely won’t be a viable option for a while. Seated dining could be an alternative option with higher seating capacities venues.


Following local laws and regulations Will make sure that our supplier will be following instructions for the health and safety and ensure that all the cars are cleaned and sanitized after each delegates along with providing all the sanitization kits in each vehicle. we will minimized the number of delegates inside the buses to keep the safe distance.

UAE Example

UAE Government has announced an unified directory of safety and etiquette signage in public transport and other public spaces aimed at raising awareness about essential health and safety procedures to combat the outbreak of COVID-19.

Post Event & Follow Up

Proactively Ready Information About Travel(return)

If an attendee will no longer be able to return his origin due to travel restrictions; Forte Event Planning team will provide guidance;

  • Contact details of necessary authorities
  • 7/24 Assistance
  • Accommodation alternatives (within compliance/to be approved by client)
  • Daily logistics support (within compliance/to be approved by client)
Keeping In Touch And Creating Info-chain

Dedicated post event communication hotline will be established for each engagement for attendees to inform or get help about particular event or their logistics

In case of an update that related to any attendee or supplier around particular engagement, a chain of communication will be established in between venue, suppliers, attendees, client and local authorities.