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Our vision is shaping the future of events through sustainable strategic management while building strong reliable relations with the clients.

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respect for people in forte

Developing respect and a team spirit in the workplace and containing and leveraging the multicultural essence of the customers and providing equal opportunities to talented individuals is the main objective of Forte Tourism. Forte Tourism employees develop positive business relationships with the stakeholders by putting the needs of clients first and continuously providing an outstanding level of service. forte core values 1:6

forte integrity

Every Forte team member has been trained and committed to deliver the highest standards of integrity by building productive and longstanding relationships by being truthful and promoting open communication in all of their actions, forte core values 2:6


Continuously seeking higher levels of performance and exhibiting a strong will to win in every aspect of the business, forte core values 3:6


We as the Forte team, work collaboratively with professional altitude, across boundaries to meet the needs and inspire our customers, forte core values 4:6


Continuous improvement and developing ourselves in every sense is a must for all of us. Forte core values 5:6


Change management is the blood in our veins. Forte core values 6:6

Forte’s ambition is to shape the future of events through sustainable strategic management while building strong reliable relations with the clients.

Forte’s passionis to understand and foresee the clients’ needs and to become their trusted solution partners in event industry wherever they are.

Forte’s strength is our human touch and personal communication while we embrace technology and continuous development, a necessary part of meeting and event business.

president’s note


In 2001, when Forte Tourism was established, we have committed ourselves to provide the best possible service to our clients and have maintained the same quality over the years, with growing experience and know-how on meetings and events.

Having diverse clients in our portfolio, both inbound and outbound and especially being global market leaders’ preferred partner, we know how important and valuable flexibility, reliability and professionalism is.

Always pushing our limits to deliver the best service, led us to numerous successful projects, which all became solid references building trust between our clients and Forte. The growing potential, as well as the importance and focus given to the global leading companies, has excitingly allowed us to sail towards new horizons in event industry.

Our focus has always been on people. Being always flexible/reliable to become who our client needs us to be and helping our team mates find the best of themselves. Being open to innovative changes and new ideas, continuously adapting ourselves to developing technology, increase our ability and capability to execute successful and  unforgeattable projects.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank our long-term clients for all of the support they have provided us since 2001.

I trust that this lifetime commitment will get stronger as we continue to be partners on business and hope to have you on our network as future partners.

My team and I remain at your entire disposal,

Sincerely yours.

Mari Klodya Araz

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